This page is for data pertaining to the general Geopolitical machinations relating to the Rojava Revolution. In particular, the nexuses between Syria, Turkey, Russia, Iran and Israel need to be analysed.

Why Iran still doesn’t trust Russia on Syria June 15, 2016

Why Turkey is striking out on the diplomatic field June 20, 2016

Russia and the Syrian Kurds: A complex interaction June 19, 2016 by Mark N. Katz

Highly problematic article by Katz which needs to be decompiled.

Revisit data on Zbigniew Brzezinski at this Facebook link.

Kurdish “Federalization” Reminiscent of Kerry’s Plan B, Brzezinski, NATO Plan A by Brandon Turbeville

This appears to be potential murmurings of COINTELPRO's reaction to the Rojava Revolution. Note the relationship between the author and COINTELPRO'S "SyrianGirlPartisan".

Federalism: Syria’s Last Hope by Sehanok Dibo 24th June 2016


Neither Syrian factions nor Turkey can prevent Kurdish federalism: US think-tank June 26, 2016 ARA News

Claims made about Rand Corporation - analyse reports at here & here

The actual report mentioned in the above article - which Google doesn't currently find - is available here.

Rand Corporation official expresses deep commitment to Kurdistan Region's success

Syrian Kurds declare Qamishli as capital for the new federal system 5th July 2016 ARA News

Kurds clash with Syrian regime forces in Hasakah, casualties reported 4th July 2016 ARA News


Israel, Turkey reach understandings on Hamas; reconciliation announcement expected Sunday

Analysis Israeli-Turkish Reconciliation Deal Offers Lifeline to Both Sides

Diplomacy shifts to Rome for Kerry-Netanyahu powwow, Turkey detente

Israel’s shortsighted rapprochement with Turkey

How the Kurds Drove Turkey Back to Israel (and Two Other Reasons for the Deal)

Two-thirds of Israeli Jews oppose Turkey deal, poll finds

Closing flotilla raid rift opens gas talks for Israel, Turkey

Diplomatic Deal With Turkey Upsets Israelis Wary of Conceding Too Much By ISABEL KERSHNERJUNE 27, 2016 New York Times

INTO THE FRAY: Utterly unconscionable 1st July 2016 Israpundit

Turkish Leader Erdogan Making New Enemies and Frustrating Old Friends 5th July 2016 Israpundit

Netanyahu as mediator between Russia and Turkey?

Fethullah Gülen lawsuit thrown out in setback for Turkey's Erdoğan 30 June 2016 The Guardian

Turkey's pro-government media mired in CIA conspiracy theories July 8, 2016 Al Monitor

Syrian rebels stunned as Turkey signals normalisation of Damascus relations 14 July 2016 The Guardian

Turkey will never talk to Assad regime: officials 14 July 2016 Al Jazeera


No change in Obama policy towards Syrian Kurds despite internal dissent: analysts 3rd July 2016 ARA News via Israpundit

Iranian Kurds vow to respond to any government aggression 3rd July 2016 ARA News via Israpundit

Must also analyse the curious work of Thomas Wictor

Kurdish Commander Uncovers Details to Iran’s Support for ISIS 3rd July 2016 ASHARQ AL-AWSAT

Iran is directly arming the Islamic State 29th June 2016 Thomas Wictor

Forget the Syrian army, it’s all Iranian Basij now 11th July 2014 Naame Shaam


A Pax Sinica in the Middle East, redux:

Why Syria's Kurds are cooperating with Russia

Syrian Kurds do not fear improvement in Russian-Turkish relations June 28, 2016 ARA News

Reasons and Prospects of Erdogan Extending Friendly Hand to Moscow 29.06.2016 Sputnik News

Barack Obama plans new military alliance with Russia in Syria 1st July 2016 The Independent

Russia and Turkey to 'coordinate' Syria policy 1st July 2016 The Telegraph

Has Turkey finally made nice with Russia? 30th June 2016 Al Monitor

Why Bibi’s Visits to Moscow Mean Bad News for Israel July 5, 2016 Tablet Mag

Obama’s Syria plan teams up American and Russian forces July 13 2016 Washington Post

Kerry offers Putin military pact on extremists Jul. 15, 2016 The Daily Star Lebanon

Sisi government met PKK three times: Turkish intelligence report

Are the PKK and Cairo new allies? 28th June 2016 Rudaw

PLO opposes Kurdish self-determination

This Website is Guilty of Selective Solidarity on Kurdish Rights

Sort tomorrow

How the Success of U.S.-Backed Kurdish Forces Will Enable ISIL's Continued Presence in Eastern Syria July 10, 2016 Lawfare Blog

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