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This page contains data pertaining to the nexuses between Rojava and the major powers, namely the US and Russia.


This page contains data pertaining to the politricks behind absurd allegations of Human Rights abuses by the Rojavans.

See also Syria_ISIS_Data_for_Analysis


The staggeringly successful ongoing revolution in Rojava (Western Kurdistan, on the Syrian/Turkish border) has the potential to alter the Geopolitical direction of not only the Middle East, but ultimately the entire planet. For obvious reasons, this represents a threat to the agendas of the Globalist Criminal Syndicate, which axiomatically is working to destroy this revolution - one way or another. This has proven to be a difficult task, though it will not be impossible for The Syndicate to do so unless a much greater audience is targeted and shown that it is in their interests to support the Rojavan revolution and assist it to spread - a more detailed political analysis of this problem will be produced in due course.
The problem is that this revolution is currently contained. Physically, in the sense that it is landlocked with a political and economic embargo imposed on it. But also, it is memetically contained - in other words, far too few people even know about it. It is crucial that this situation change, and soon.

An overview of the situation in Rojava can be gleaned from the following 8 minute video. While the major claims made in this video may seem "too good to be true", further research will reveal that while said claims are certainly good, they are also certainly true.


Rojava: A democratic system in progress 16:52

Rojava Dispatches: I Stand on Ground That Has No State (Paul Z. Simons) 1:22:45

The Rojavan Revolution is relatively well known in Western Anarchist and far-leftist circles. This can be seen from this 'Rojava revolution' reading guide. It must be noted that high level "Anarchist" Gatekeeper Noam Chomsky has written articles purporting to support the Rojavans. Also, the 'Australians for Kurdistan' website includes a link to Green Left Weekly in its links section. It must be noted that much of the analysis coming from this milieu tends to take an idealistic tone, with generally good analysis of specific Rojavan policies, but very little - and shockingly naive - Geopolitical analysis. It can't help but be noticed also, that this milieu's idealism makes fertile pasture for ideologically based sectarian posturing.

As the following videos show, it seems that some of the best minds speaking about the Rojavan Revolution have restricted themselves to a very small and narrow audience - they are also essentially singing to the choir.

The above video is embedded in the article Is Rojava written off?
Dilar Dirik's blog.
Dilar Dirik's Facebook page.
Cambridge University Page
Some articles by Dilar Dirik
Kurdish Women’s Radical Self-Defense: Armed and Political
Western fascination with 'badass' Kurdish women
Syrian Kurds’ Anarcho-Feminism resembles early Israeli socialism - This is actually written by Ralph Seliger and is an interview with Dilar. The Progressive Israel website will need to be examined in greater detail at some point.

Victory in Kobane: What next in the Rojava Revolution? Part 1 52:18

Victory in Kobane: What next in the Rojava Revolution? Part 2 44:06

#1. Stateless Democracy: The Revolution in Rojava Kurdistan [part 1] 1:46:39

#2. Stateless Democracy: The Revolution in Rojava Kurdistan [part 2 Emergency Debate] 1:17:35

It seems clear that a much wider set of audiences need to be made aware of what's going on in Rojava. This is particularly so, as the Western mainscream media - which until relatively recently simply ignored Rojava - is providing relatively sympathetic coverage. They have to do this for Grammatical reasons, though it is telling that most of their coverage says nothing about the Revolution preferring instead to talk about "their brave fight against ISIS" and also referring to them as "The Kurds". Then when Globalist leaders talk about "sending arms to the Kurds", the impression is given to the audience that assistance is being given to the Rojavans when in fact any such assistance will be going to the KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government) in Northern Iraq, which is heavily intertwined with Turkey and Iran - a more detailed Geopolitical analysis of this will be required.

Clearly then, genuine pro-Rojavan propaganda - ideological, analytical and otherwise - needs to be created and disseminated to a MUCH wider range of audiences. For reasons which will be made clear when a comprehensive Grammatical analysis is done, many social/political movements in the West have a vested interest in investigating and supporting this Revolution, though many will likely have some difficulty in accepting this reality.

Western Social/Political Movements for Targeting

The following is a non-exhaustive list of Western social/political movements of potential interest, along with the beginnings of an overview of the nature of the political grammar at play with them. In other words, it should begin to describe a way in which a communications strategy may be developed to constructively affect these movements. It will be necessary to also provide an overview of the various narrative scripts relied upon by these movements and analyse how the Rojavan phenomenon is in concordance with them, as well as how it utterly annihilates them.
This will provide the basis for the development of a political-grammatical model which can be used for facilitation of communications between various grass roots movements which, while actually having much in common with each other, are kept separated from each other or kept fighting each other. If such a model(s) can be created, it will spell the end of The Syndicate's (so far) highly effective psychological warfare machine. The Rojavan phenomena has been described as an experiment. Among many other things, that is exactly what it is. It is no exaggeration to say that many fields of Human endeavour, particularly those pertaining to Human liberation, will be potentially affected by the Rojavan movement.







Ted Belman's Israpundit is likely to be sympathetic. There are already a number of pro-Rojavan posts there going back for over 2 years. See also An End to the Yazidi Tragedy Only Comes with Kurdish Freedom and The battles in N. Syria will determine the fate of the peace process

Important Articles and Websites

These Muslims Are Democrats So Why Isn't the West Helping?

Official website of Canton Afrin

The Project of a Democratic Syria (TEV-DEM)

The Syrian Experiment with “Apoism”

Self-Defense as a Revolutionary Practice in Rojava, or How to Unmake the State by Nazan Üstündağ South Atlantic Quarterly 2016 Volume 115, Number 1: 197-210

Thoughts on Rojava: an interview with Janet Biehl January 13, 2016

Power to the people: a Syrian experiment in democracy October 23, 2015 by Carne Ross

Isis may be weakened by co-ordinated attacks but it is far from being overcome

More than 5500 ISIS militants killed in clashes with Syrian Kurds in 2015

What's Behind Strategic Alliance Between Saudi Arabia and Turkey? Seating Chair - Independent NEWS Agency

Key factor in sharply-improved Putin-Netanyahu strategic ties? The Obama White House

Can the Revolution in Kurdish Syria succeed?

The Revolution in Rojava Meredith Tax ▪ April 22, 2015

What are the Kurdish Women’s Units fighting for in Syria? - Washington Post

The Kurdish Self-Governance Movement in Turkey’s South East: an Interview with Haydar Darici

Interview with women fighters from the International Freedom Battalion

ANHA - Hawar News Agency

ARA News

Democratic Union Party (PYD) Website

Ronahi TV English

Lions of Rojava

Rojava related Academics

Rojava Plan

The Rojava Report - News from the Revolution in Rojava and Wider Kurdistan

Diogenes 21 - Instant Revolution. Just Add People

JINHA News Agency

Kurdish Question

Rojnama (Graphics etc.)

Peoples' Defense Units (YPG)

Womens' Defense Units (YPJ)


Investigating Claims of Infiltration of Kurdish Media Services

There are allegations that Rudaw may be a Barzani front - it is certainly problematic. This will need to be investigated in greater detail, and is relevant to the research into alleged Rojavan Human Rights violations, particularly as Rudaw provides a platform for questionable outfits like KurdWatch.

Random Links for Further Analysis

The Social Contract of Rojava Cantons in Syria

Checkmate: Breaking Iran’s Stranglehold over Iraq (Zalmay Khalilzad pretending to be concerned about Iranian hegemony in the Middle East)

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When All Else Fails, Erdogan Calls Israel

The U.S. Found The People Who Can Beat ISIS. The Only Problem Is Everyone Hates Them.

The Revolution in Rojava by Meredith Tax

"The dominant political influence among the Syrian Kurds, according to Tax and Dirik, is the radical Kurdish movement in Turkey, the PKK. Its long-imprisoned leader, Abdullah Ocalan, has undergone an ideological transformation from Marxist-Leninism to a kind of communitarian anarchism inspired by the writings of American anarchist Murray Bookchin, “world systems theorists” Immanuel Wallerstein and Fernand Braudel, and social scientist Benedict Anderson." - must study these thinkers further, see here.

The Canadian Model Fighting ISIS In Syria Tells Us What It's Like to Be On the Frontline

Turkey faces younger Kurdish foes as conflict enters cities

Turkey's Kurds call for self-rule

14 articles of the declaration

Anarchists vs. ISIS: The Revolution in Syria Nobody’s Talking About

“Rojava must be defended”: David Harvey

Turkey may finally be 'accepting the inevitable' in Syria

HDP’s Yüksekdağ: We want autonomy not only for Kurds

The epicentre of the Syrian war is shifting -- and it could mean 'a near total defeat' for Turkey's Syria policy

Top court approves sweeping new powers for Turkish spy agency

Western media's hypocrisy in covering Kurdish militancy - Major Prop-agenda Mill for Destruction in Due course

Radio Free Syria?

This organisation needs to be looked into.

"YPG-affiliated alliance dissolves Raqqa tribal force"

Also need to look into the role Leila Khaled may be playing in relation to the Rojava Revolution -

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