If one travels the Web, it is possible to find allegations that the PKK and related forces are sponsored by Iran and/or the Syrian regime. Such claims must be - in the absence of strong evidence yet to be forthcoming - dismissed as absurd.

Analyse "Rojava: Let Rudaw In" and allegations made in comments alleging links between PKK and Iran/Hezbollah etc.
I received a Tweet purporting to show "Iranian Interior Minister Fazli visit[ing PKK Kandil stronghold"] - is clear (and rather crude!) disinfo.

The role of PJAK - Party of Free Life of Kurdistan which has been causing trouble for the Iranian regime, and its links to the PKK require further analysis.

Iranian Repression of Kurds Behind Rise of Militant PJAK - significant amount of data to sort through

PEJAK: PKK’s “Search For A New Mission In The Region” - from the Turkish Centre for International Relations & Strategic Analysis

Kurdish group vows long fight with Iran - 02 Oct 09 (Al Jazeera)

Iraq's Barzani: PJAK border attacks against Iran 'over' - Press TV News

The PYD YPG and PJAK they are all the soldiers of the PKK.! (Adnan Oktar) - a rather bizarre video in which absurd allegations are made. The apparent ridiculousness of this video is largely explained when it is understood who Adnan Oktar is:- "…In more recent years, Adnan Oktar has been known for his televangelism on his TV channel, A9 TV, noted especially for featuring 'kittens', his female devotees.[6] His organization is commonly referred to as a cult,[7] and he has been described as the "most notorious cult leader in Turkey."[8] Oktar filed more than 5 thousand lawsuit against individuals for defamation in the last decade,[9] and led to blocking of a number of prominent websites in Turkey."

Iranian MPs urge Germany to extradite PJAK leader

PJAK speech English (15th of August- 28th Anniversaty)[sic]


This is rather more complex and will require a considerable strategic/grammatical analysis


This is so idiotic that it may not be worth investing energy in responding to.

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